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Sustainable and international search engine optimization

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Individual solutions

Analyses and concepts tailored to your needs

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Success control through individual reporting and monitoring

Holistic SEO understanding

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Strategic and sustainable SEO consulting by experts

The supreme discipline: search engine optimization

Search engines are among the most important online marketing channels used by companies to direct visitors to their websites. With their help, online sales can be generated, the brand can be positioned on the Internet and corporate growth can be driven forward. An optimal positioning among the first search results of Google and Co. is indispensable, because already on the second page the number of visitors decreases significantly and only a few users find their way to your website.

Sustainable measures

Compared to paid traffic such as AdWords or banner advertising, where every click generates costs, search engine optimization offers a sustainable and cost-effective way to generate visitors. By consulting with our SEO experts, you will have the opportunity to build a wealth of knowledge and work with us to establish and deepen a long-term and efficient culture of search engine optimization in your business.

Benefit from the following possibilities of cooperation:

Permanent consulting

Project-based analysis of your SEO strategy

SEO seminars and workshops

Permanent consulting

Individual solution strategies

With the help of our SEO-Consultants we create a customized solution strategy for your German or international domain and help you among other things:

  • Traffic- und Sichtbarkeitsverlusten
  • Internationalisierungen
  • Technischen und Redaktionellen SEO-Fragen
  • Launches
  • Relaunches
  • Domain-Umzügen

Benefit from our wealth of experience

SEO consulting is an individual service, because every industry functions differently and requires a separate approach. Therefore we do not offer ready-made solutions, but analyse your website individually according to the peculiarities of your topic and competition environment and evaluate which contents are displayed preferentially with your keywords.

Our SEO consultants are distinguished by their expertise and many years of experience with online shops, publishing sites and portals and can therefore advise you in almost any situation.

Project-based analysis of your SEO strategy

Get a second opinion through us

You have already taken and implemented SEO measures for your website – but the desired success has not yet been achieved or does not meet your expectations?

Our consultants will be happy to analyse individual aspects of your SEO strategy for you – of course also independently of permanent advice from our agency. Through an objective view we can identify hidden potentials and point out new perspectives. In addition to a potential analysis for your website, you can also have individual search areas checked by a specialized SEO analysis. Here you can draw on our extensive know-how in the following areas:

  • Keyword research
  • Content audit
  • Link audit
  • Image SEO
  • Video SEO
  • News-SEO
  • Local-SEO
  • Amazon-SEO
  • Mobile-SEO
  • App-Store-Optimization

SEO seminars and workshops

Acquiring knowledge together

SEO workshops and seminars help your online marketing team to permanently increase the traffic to your website. The great advantage of such events is that the knowledge does not come together in a single person, but rather that your entire team is sensitized to the topic and can develop a strategy for improving your search engine ranking under professional guidance.
Our SEO consultants will support you in a target-group and demand-oriented way: We discuss the status quo of the target group with you in advance, clarify your exact needs and define the goals of the workshop or seminar together with you.