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Sustainable Conversion Optimization

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Full-Service Conversion Optimization

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We rely on the knowledge of trained psychologists

At LEAP/ we have been employing trained psychologists in conversion optimization for quite some time. It is not enough for us to see what people do on websites. We want to know WHY they behave this way – WHY they do one thing and omit another. Only when we understand WHY can we predict how they will interact with a website, its structure, design and functionality. We will then know where we need to change, adapt or optimize a website to noticeably improve its performance and thus provide more conversions.

Using insights from behavioural psychology, cognitive psychology and neuromarketing, we can design websites so that the user perceives the interaction with them as uncomplicated, pleasant and cooperative. Thanks to the research of Nobel Prize winners Daniel Kahneman, Vernon Smith and Richard Thaler, we can also ensure that users are guided in the direction of conversion with small psychological impulses (nudges). Thus psychology forms the basis of our conversion optimization and helps us to develop target-oriented hypotheses for our A/B tests.

LEAP/ Conversion-Cycle

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Conversion Optimization:The compulsory discipline for companies

The increase in visitor traffic alone is no longer enough to increase the ROI in the e-commerce sector and thus withstand the competitive pressure.

If you want to strengthen your company and achieve long-term success, you should focus on continuous optimization of the conversion rate – both for desktop and mobile devices. Through effective A/B testing, the uncovering of weak points and the continuous optimization of your website, lead and sale rates can be improved and the development potential of companies can be developed in the long term.

Conversion optimization pays off - in the short and long term

Conversion optimization is the art of turning more and more visitors into customers. Maximizing the conversion rate is critical to a company’s success: An increase of the conversion rate from 2% to 4% already means an increase in turnover of 100%.

In order to continuously improve your website, regular optimization with A/B testing is necessary. Since the share of mobile traffic is constantly growing, optimization for mobile devices is just as essential as for the classic desktop version of a website: On some pages, more than half of the web traffic comes from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In any case, not only will optimization measures have a positive impact on your enquiries and sales, they will also boost your business growth by continuously improving your ROI.

Benefit from our wealth of experience

More than 200 companies already trust our conversion team and rely on the personal and close cooperation with our team of experts: As one of the few providers in this field, we have specialised in this core discipline with a wealth of experience from over 1,500 tests carried out and achieve considerable success for our customers.

Achieve outstanding results with us

An above-average number of the variants developed by us turn out to be a significantly better alternative to the original version in the A/B tests. The increase in the conversion rate for sales is on average between 5% and 20% for each successful test, and even significantly higher for leads. We help our customers to continuously improve their conversion rate and sustainably accelerate their business growth.