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Trust building: Link building by experts

Link building with scalable success

Professional and forward-looking link building is one of the most scalable and effective measures in search engine marketing. Due to the importance of links for search engines and users alike, link building is an existential part of any balanced SEO strategy. Not only are high-quality links still an important indicator for the value and importance of a site for search engines; they also serve to generate high-quality traffic.

When used correctly, link building can do even more: the strategic placement of blog posts, reviews and similar content can increase the awareness of your brand and thus significantly strengthen the trust in your company. This so-called brand building not only results in more visitors to your website, but also increases traffic quality. Because the visitors generated in this way already trust you and are therefore more willing to buy from you.

Sustainable link building is therefore not only one of the most profitable levers in online marketing, it also enhances the reputation of your site. In short: every link on your website makes a recommendation.

First things first: A clear SEO concept

In which direction your offpage strategy should go and how successful you are with it, depends decisively on how holistically one approaches the topic. Link building should not be understood as a self-contained system, but as a partial aspect of a well thought-out online marketing strategy.

In order to determine a sustainable link strategy, we do not simply consider the existing backlink profile. Rather, we analyse your competitive environment, your market and brand situation and all other relevant factors in order to design the optimal link building strategy for you. This holistic approach is an elementary component of our philosophy.

Sustainability through clear quality guidelines

Google has been using the penguin algorithm to check the quality of links for some time now and is rigorously punishing webmasters who violate the rules. Therefore, our off-page approach is based on high-quality and user-oriented links that meet the following page quality guidelines – our 3R’s of page rating:


Relevant links are embedded in an environment in which the topic of the surrounding content on the linked page is closely related to the topic of the linked page.


Reach means that we generate links and mentions on portals which are characterized by a relevant number of readers and a good reputation.

Risk avoidance

We focus on quality instead of quantity and meet the demands of modern link building. In this way we ensure that our clients are not exposed to any unnecessary risk.

We therefore always proceed with the following basic question when building links:

„Does the link help me to increase the awareness of my brand and is there a potential chance of direct traffic?“

Only links where both parts of the question are answered with a clear „YES“ will make it through our quality control.

Link building + brand building = trust building

Link marketing pursues the goal of optimally linking your website on the Internet and thus increasing the number of domains that refer to your website. The selection of high-quality sources leads on the one hand to the improvement of the rankings of your website and on the other hand to an increase in traffic. In the course of time, the requirements for link marketing have changed considerably: Relevant link sources are decreasing and Google’s search algorithm tends to prefer stronger brands. We follow this movement and offer our clients a holistic offpage approach in which classic link building measures (follow links) are supplemented by brand building (no-follow links, mentions). We call the sum of these trust building.

Success is measurable and transparent

All measures that we take to implement your link building strategy are comprehensible and effective methods. Therefore we design the link building process as transparent as possible, monitor all measures with your desired KPIs and create a regular reporting of the links created. Thanks to the complete documentation of the individual steps, you will always have an insight into our work – and, if you wish, explanations down to the smallest detail.

Establishing an international brand presence: also to be found outside Germany

In order to position your company well internationally, we are one of the few agencies in Germany to offer link building beyond the German-speaking area. Thanks to our international team of experts, our high quality standards can also be enforced in a global publisher network. In this way we also ensure more traffic and better rankings for your company in the international environment.