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These and more companies are already counting on us:

Your advantages at a glance

More performance online

Increase your sales and leads with the right insights from data analysis

Optimum understanding of customer behaviour

Derive the right measures for a data-based optimization of your website

End-to-end digital analytics know-how

Receive expert advice, technical support and project management from a single source

More efficient use of marketing budgets

Increase your ROI by identifying the most successful marketing channels

Benefit from the full range of digital analytics

Use your analysis tool far beyond the standard functions

Individual digital analytics support

Website data about length of stay, bounce rates, conversion rates, and more help you better understand your visitors, locate weaknesses on your website, and develop tangible approaches to improving the user experience on your site.

No matter whether you already use Digital Analytics (e.g. Google Analytics) or if you have not yet set up such a service – we support you from the initial setup to the localization & correction of weak points to the correct interpretation of your data.

In particular, you benefit from the following services:

Conversion and usability analysis

Implementation of Google Analytics & Webtrekk

Interactive live presentation

Web analytics audit

Increase conversion rate

Data analytics

Implementation of Google Analytics & Webtrekk

Don't have a Digital Analytics account yet or want to change your analysis tool?

Together with your technical department we implement and control the integration of your web analysis system. We support you in defining and correctly integrating the tracking code of your provider. We also work with you to develop an analytics infrastructure that is precisely tailored to the needs of your company. In this way, you benefit from a professionally set up, optimally structured Analytics account that meets your requirements.

When implementing the analysis tools, you benefit from our extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Conversion Optimization
  • Linking of web analysis & key figures of the merchandise management system 
  • Measurement of extended user behavior


We implement both simple and complex implementations for you. Here is a selection of our services:

Google Tag Manager: The Google Tag Manager makes you an analytics professional without IT resources. Learn how to change tracking settings on your own. We’ll show you how it’s done.

Campaign tagging: Campaign tagging gives you an overview of all your online marketing activities. In addition to AdWords, measure your e-mail, affiliate and display campaigns and compare their cost-effectiveness in a cost analysis.

E-Commerce Tracking: View e-commerce performance along with keywords and marketing campaigns to determine ROI.

Cross-Domain-Tracking: You can be reached by your clients via several portals – with us you will learn how to record your users on all pages.

Advanced Content Tracking: As a content publisher, you are interested in how to get more activity on your pages and attract more returning visitors. Find the vulnerabilities among your items with Advanced Content Tracking.

Digital Analytics & Cross-Device-Tracking: You generate your visitors and clients via different end devices. Learn how to analyze customer flows across multiple devices.

Web analytics audit

We offer you a web analytics audit for Google Analytics and Webtrekk. This means that we gain insight into your Digital Analytics account and can thus identify potential vulnerabilities and, if necessary, fix them directly with you.

Get comprehensive and reliable data to make the right strategic and operational decisions for your business.

Do you notice any of the following issues:

  • The Analytics setup does not comply with the legal guidelines
  • Test purchases and own employees pollute the data
  • Users are counted multiple times or not at all
  • Traffic is assigned to the wrong campaigns
  • Access rights are distributed incorrectly

If so, please contact us – we will go into detail about your specific issues  and help you to set up reliable and comprehensive tracking of your data.

Data analytics

Your Google Analytics or Webrekk account is correctly implemented and provides reliable data, but you can’t interpret it enough?

We help you to interpret the cumulated data sensibly and to derive appropriate recommendations for action. This allows you to make better decisions for your company.

If you wish, we can also set up individual dashboards with you, with the help of which you can record all important data on just one page. This gives you the opportunity to always keep an eye on the appropriate key figures for different departments – e.g. management, marketing or IT. If required, you can export these as PDF files with one click and send them to the respective departments as reports.

Increase efficiency: Data analysis according to your needs

As soon as your web analysis system is integrated on your site, we use the data to get to know and understand your users better. On the basis of the knowledge gained, you can make valid decisions on the following topics:

  • Marketing expenses: Which marketing spend is most effective and which spend should be increased or decreased? Using attribution models and multichannel analysis, you can gain insight into the true performance of your campaigns.
  • Buying process: Which visitors become buyers - and how do you get more from them?
  • Product development: Through web analysis you can gain insight into the expectations of your visitors. Use these insights to continuously develop your product further.
  • Expansion of the offer: Which pages are popular with your visitors and which contribute to the success of your company? With the optimal expansion of your offer, we support you in guiding more visitors to the relevant pages of your website.