Technical SEO: Website optimisation with SEO agency LEAP/

Tech SEO: finally getting down to the implementation stage

  • The Pareto Principle: we do the right thing at the right time
  • Fast uplifts without endless internal discussions
  • Implementation support from programmers who really understand SEO

Tools and data are not enough! You need to know how to interpret them.

Of course, we use all common SEO tools such as SISTRIX, Searchmetrics, SEMrush, Majestic, and ahrefs. However, the knowledge gained from such tools only serves as a basis for our further analysis.

The most important thing in the technical optimisation of your website is the right prioritisation. It is also important to find a resource-efficient way to implement the crucial SEO requirements. Our SEO analysts are capable of this because…

  • as former programmers, they are very knowledgeable about technology,
  • as former in-house SEO analysts, they know how the IT of large companies works, and
  • they have gained incomparable experience in the past 11+ years.

90% of all companies fail at the implementation

Better internal links
The IT-department doesn’t have time

Page-speed optimisation
Planned for the next sprint

Customise the footer sitewide
The CMS doesn’t provide for it

Automated Sitemap
No time and no resources

Correct use of JavaScript & Ajax
The ticket is stuck in backlog

Fix indexing problems
The external service provider doesn’t respond

Intelligent planning, agile implementation, quick results

We know how difficult it is to get SEO resources from in-house IT or the technical service provider. That is why we prioritise the measures we recommend not only based on the expected impact on SEO traffic, but also based on your individual implementation effort. This is how we ensure that we focus on “low hanging fruits” at the beginning, and tackle the really complicated projects at the end.

We have developed a unique system for this – the LEAP/ SEO framework. It is based on eleven years of cooperation with over 300 clients.

There isn’t a problem that we haven’t solved at least ten times. We’ve found solutions for everything and that’s why you benefit immediately.

Case Study: €7.4+ million in sales through technical SEO solutions

Find out how we have helped our clients

One of our clients suffered dramatic ranking losses after implementing Angular JS. Our task was to find the cause of the problem and, above all, a good solution.

Read this case study and find out how we managed to help our client grow.

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Our optimisation-mindset

In this video, our client André Kreimer and our CEO Thomas Gruhle show you how we bring out the best in large companies.

You will find out how we involve ourselves with our clients by:

  • identifying existing problems,
  • assessing their impact on online performance, and
  • analysing which resources are available to help solve the problems.

Here’s what our clients think about LEAP/

These are only two voices out of the 300+ clients we have worked with since 2009.

The analysts at LEAP/ have worked their way through our really large website in an impressive manner, identifying countless ideas for improvement. I have rarely seen an analysis in such depth and with such potential for direct implementation.

Jan Buse

LEAP / has shown us many new data-based potentials. The team impressed us with structured working-methods and comprehensible presentations. Their professionalism and friendlyness are a good foundation for a trustworthy long-term cooperation.Thank you!

Denis Müller
ImmobilienScout GmbH

Essential questions about technical SEO

This is what you should know before we talk:

Why Tech SEO?

Only with the correct technical basis will both users and search engines enjoy interacting with your website. You will gain strong rankings as a result.

Why Tech SEO with LEAP/?

Our SEO team includes experienced analysts as well as former programmers and in-house SEOs. With this unique combination, we help you to achieve your goals.

How much is it?

We don’t believe in pre-made packages. We want you to get exactly what you need to achieve your goals. That is why we work out the investment framework individually in the preliminary discussions.

What are the next steps?

Feel free to contact us via the contact form. One of our strategic consultants will immediately get in touch with you to discuss your goals, wishes and challenges in a preliminary talk, free of charge.