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More traffic thanks to
positive user signals

  • Satisfied users lead to better rankings and more conversions
  • Our conversion optimisers and SEOs work closely together to improve website usability
  • Goodbye gut feelings: Working on a scientific basis makes success calculable and measurable

What Google wants is satisfied users – as do you!

Google’s latest updates show that algorithms increasingly value positive user signals. Only websites that focus on making users happy and satisfying their search intentions gain significant top rankings.

In collaboration with our conversion team, our SEO specialists make sure that your website nails it on the most important Google-metric: “Goal Completion”. Users should be able to successfully complete their search query on your website without returning to the search engine.

How does LEAP/ operate?

How does LEAP/ operate?

This video shows André Kreimer from Toom and our CEO Thomas Gruhle discussing how we go about generating the greatest possible uplifts for our clients.

You will understand our unique approach of combining SEO strategies with psychological knowledge.

Generate more SEO traffic thanks to A/B testing

One of the best methods to increase the ROI in conversion optimisation is A/B testing. We have adapted this technique for SEO to improve your rankings.

  • Reducing the bounce rate
  • Increasing the time on site
  • Conversion rate improvement
  • Increased organic traffic and revenue

Our team is the key to your success

Our team is the key to your success

Our SEO and CRO experts collaborate to improve your rankings and organic traffic. This way you achieve your key business goal: more sales and more leads.

  • Analysis of your current situation from a SEO and CRO perspective
  • Identifying and prioritising next steps based on experience and testing
  • Implementing ROI-relevant innovations for immediate improvement in traffic and sales

Case Study: increased revenue by 500% thanks to On-page and Off-page

Find out how we helped our clients

The problem this client faced was that growth in a target market had stalled and their country code domain was filled with numerous poorly translated texts.

Check out this case study and learn how we helped the client to increase their revenue by 500% in one quarter.

We will gladly share further case studies with you.
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Here’s what our clients think about LEAP/

These are only two voices out of the 300+ clients we have worked with since 2009.

A creative approach to solutions combined with data-driven, objective analytical work. This is how we got to know and appreciate LEAP/. Online marketing is designed with purpose: the combination of SEO and conversion optimisation is impressive.

Jan-Eike Andresen

Our collaboration with several specialised teams allowed us to experience the LEAP/Effect at first hand. The experienced SEO consultants increase traffic and the solution-oriented conversion optimisers ensure that the newly acquired visitors convert into customers. We enjoy working with LEAP/ because all of the team members are absolute experts.

Carolin Elschner
Grand City Property

Essential questions about optimising user signals

This is what you should know before we talk:

Why SEO for user signals?

Search engine algorithms increasingly emphasise how important it is that users have their needs met on websites and leave fully satisfied. We optimise your site for exactly that result.

Why SEO with LEAP/?

Only LEAP/ has SEO specialists working together with conversion optimisers and psychologists to improve your website. This holistic approach ensures that your website performs well for both algorithms and humans.

How much is it?

We don’t believe in pre-made packages. We want you to get exactly what you need to achieve your goals. That is why we work out the investment framework individually in the preliminary discussions.

What are the next steps?

Feel free to contact us via the contact form. One of our strategic consultants will immediately get in touch with you to discuss your goals, wishes and challenges in a preliminary talk, free of charge.