Personalisation & addressing your users: More conversions with LEAP/

Ever more important: addressing users individually via personalisation

  • The foundation: we collect relevant data instead of big data to ensure your success
  • Unique UX: Segmented A/B tests designed for effective personalisation strategies
  • Independence: All winning variations are implemented independently and directly.

The basis: analytics and web tracking

If you want to target your users on a personal level, you need to learn more about them. This allows you to customise the services and products displayed to them.

Our experts collect the data most relevant to you, analyse it, and integrate psychological heuristics.

  • This allows us to create an ideal basis for decision-making
  • We then determine the right course of action
  • That way, we can accurately address different user segments

Personalised A/B testing: using segmented hypotheses to gain more accurate insights

“One size fits all” is often the wrong approach. So it’s good that – in addition to our proven psychological A/B testing cycle – we can segment our hypotheses.

This enables you to learn more about your users so that you can approach the first personalisation measures with forethought and care. Meaning: personalisation should only take place when the evidence is clear and compelling.

Based on these findings, we then create a roadmap for further testing to further enhance personalisation on your website.

Immediate implementation of all positive variations

All findings can be implemented ad hoc on your side – and therefore independently of your IT. Only in the rarest cases does IT have the capacity to take care of relevant tasks quickly and efficiently.

By doing so, we provide you with the immediate potential for increased revenue. It would otherwise be too frustrating for you to miss out on additional revenue already in sight as you wait.

Case Study: increase in revenue of €27+ million via conversion optimisation

Learn how we helped our clients

Our clients want to grow. They are looking for ways to scale their online revenue. Our unique blend of traffic and conversion is ideally suited for this.

We help them achieve their business goals. Find out how in this case study.

How to bring your website to the next level through psychological insights?
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Here’s what our clients think about LEAP/

These are only two voices out of the 300+ clients we have worked with since 2009.

The LEAP/ Conversion team provided E.On with highly professional advice on strategically important conversion topics and solved demanding challenges in optimising E.On’s website to our complete satisfaction. We appreciate the team’s professional competence, their customer-centred way of working and their passion for CRO.

Volker Mayr

We received helpful and practical recommendations that we had not yet thought of.

Sebastian Neuwert
Gigaset Communications GmbH

Essential questions about personalisation

This is what you should know before we talk:

Why personalisation?

If you know your users well and address them individually, you will gain a significant advantage over your competitors: they will find the products that suit them faster and convert more quickly.

Why personalisation with LEAP/?

Thanks to their psychological knowledge, our analysts are perfectly qualified to bring your database to life and make effective assumptions, so that the personalisation actually helps the users.

How much is it?

We don’t believe in pre-made packages. We want you to get exactly what you need to achieve your goals. That is why we work out the investment framework individually in the preliminary discussions.

What are the next steps?

Feel free to contact us via the contact form. One of our strategic consultants will immediately get in touch with you to discuss your goals, wishes and challenges in a preliminary talk, free of charge.