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User-centred conversion design: websites designed for your users

  • Focus on your target group: your user as our focal point
  • A strong process: from design to implementation, a one-stop shop
  • Testing everything: visual validation by combining different CRO methods

We focus on your customer

The focus of user-centred design is the user of your website. As a potential customer, the user must feel addressed by the look and feel of your website. Our message is: “It’s all about you”. That’s why our web designers make sure that your users find their way around your website intuitively, and enjoy their experience.

We ensure all this by

  • optimising existing websites and landing pages,
  • designing new websites or landing pages, and
  • providing feedback on your in-house team’s designs before implementing them.

The entire design process is done by us!

Starting with the creation of the mock up or wireframe by our conversion designers, continuing with a quality check by our psychologists and analysts, and ending with the implementation by our developers. User-centred design is where the whole CRO team works together.

This enables us to ensure that all the important elements and features of user-centred design complement each other.


The user must be able to see immediately what he or she can do with a product, what it is about, and how it can be used.


Users must be able to find information easily and quickly – even if they have various options to choose from


Wording must be comprehensible, explicit, and easy to read. The same goes for font size, and colour contrast.


Both sentences and individual words must be as short as possible. Because the simpler the language, the better the experience for the user.

One landing page or an entire website

User-centred conversion design is highly relevant for all components of your website. This applies to individual landing pages as well as to your homepage or your entire shop.

We always ask ourselves: What is your user looking for? The following methods provide us with the answers:

  • User Panels
  • User surveys
  • UX-Labs
  • A/B tests

Case Study: user-centred redesign
boosts sales by 20%.

Find out how we helped our clients

One of our clients had a relatively old-fashioned website and wanted a redesign to attract a new target audience, without alienating the existing one. Our task was to put this into practice.

Read how we managed to grow sales by 20% in the following case study.

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Here’s what our clients think about LEAP/

These are only two voices out of the 300+ clients we have worked with since 2009.

I really appreciate the scientific background of the advice given by LEAP/. I also really like the fact that the team approaches its tasks from different perspectives and pays equal attention to design, usability, wording, UX and behavioural patterns.

Lukas Zels

We have been supported by LEAP/ and their CRO team for a good year now. This year we have managed to integrate an A/B testing process, which ensures constant improvements in our conversion rate. The effort for me as CMO is minimal, as LEAP/ takes care of the entire A/B testing process (analysis, hypothesis generation, design, programming). Mobile conversion optimisation was the focus of our collaboration in the first year. We are very satisfied with the results and the development and I would therefore happily recommend the team.

Daniel Lang

Essential questions about Conversion Design

This is what you should know before we talk:

Why Conversion Design?

You want your content and CTAs to stand out. It’s even better if they are incorporated into a design that focuses on the user and makes it easier to navigate through your website.

Why Design from LEAP/?

We have created hundreds of landing pages and completed more than 2,000 A/B tests. Our psychological knowledge adds up to an unmatched combination for user-centred websites.

How much is it?

We don’t believe in pre-made packages. We want you to get exactly what you need to achieve your goals. That is why we work out the investment framework individually in the preliminary discussions.

What are the next steps?

Feel free to contact us via the contact form. One of our strategic consultants will immediately get in touch with you to discuss your goals, wishes and challenges in a preliminary talk, free of charge.