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Comprehensive expert analysis of your website and
online marketing measures

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Complete analysis for e-commerce portals & shops

We check the conversion suitability of your online marketing campaigns, newsletters, website and after-sales measures.

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Get concrete recommendations for better conversion rates

Uncovering hidden potentials

Benefit from an objective assessment of your customer journey

Sustainable increase in sales

Our conversion professionals identify strong ROI levers to turn your visitors into customers

Operators of e-commerce portals and shops regularly face various challenges:

Do you also have these or similar problems?

Through your marketing campaign you generate many visitors for your online shop, but only a very small proportion of the visitors also buy from you.

Visitors to your online store add products to their shopping cart and then leave the site without completing the purchase process.

Your shopping cart values stagnate despite increasing visitor numbers and high investments.

You don’t have an outside view because you can’t explain why your website doesn’t perform well.

You lack human resources and the know-how to identify stumbling blocks on your website.

You have done everything to make your online shop appealing – and yet the customers are missing.

Our complete analysis enables you to identify improvement approaches from the user’s point of view and to exploit the full potential of your website and online marketing measures. In this way you can increase your conversion rate sustainably and generate continuously more turnover. As part of the 360° conversion analysis, our experts identify strong ROI levers along the customer journey.

On this basis, we develop individual and concrete recommendations for you to optimize your website and your online marketing.

Analysis factors for your sustainable success

For the holistic and individual analysis we take into account relevant
Conversion factors, such as:

Search scenarios

What needs do your potential customers have? How can you achieve more clicks with your current positions on Google & Co?

Advertising formats

Where do you pick up your potential customers? How can your advertising measures generate more qualified clicks?


How do visitors move through your website? How do they find their way around? Is the navigation intuitive? Where are stumbling blocks hidden?


Where do your visitors enter your website? How do you generate maximum relevance while at the same time minimizing bounce rates?


Do your visitors find what they expect? Does the design match the product? Does it seem too expensive or too cheap? Does the user feel comfortable navigating?


How can you increase the purchasing motivation of your users and ensure faster purchasing decisions and higher shopping basket values? How can you prevent your visitors from going to the competition?


Do your advertising measures receive the necessary attention? Are the most important areas on your site prominently represented enough? How do the visitors perceive your page in the first seconds?


Which psychological principles from brain research can help to increase your sales & leads - and how do you best use them?

Target group analysis

Do you know the interests and needs of your customers? Do you address your buyer persona optimally with your web offer? Are the right target groups reached here?

and many more