Case studies -Success stories of our customers

Continuous booking process optimization with A/B testing

Client: A&O Hotels & Hostels

  • Task: Increase bookings by optimizing the confirmation page in the booking process for hotel and hostel rooms.
  • Solution: Target group-specific analysis of the booking process in order to identify and limit the number of additional services that have been booked.
  • Result: The shortening of the additional services in the booking process helps the target group to make a financial decision and increases the number of bookings.

Conversion Rate Increase on SEA Landing Pages

Client: Forium Lohnsteuerkompakt

  • Task: Increase of purchases of online tax software on SEA landing pages
  • Solution: Implementation of a uniform information flow and comparison of SEA search queries with the contents of the landing page (message match)
  • Result: Lower bounce rate and more conversions on the landing pages

Form Optimization Leads to More Leads

Client: SAGE

  • Task: Increase of leads on a SEA landing page for a B2B payroll accounting software
  • Solution: Analysis of the perceptibility of the form through repositioning and optimization of content and visual appearance.
  • Result: Faster registration of the action option by the visitors, thereby the frequency of the use of the form rises