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€600,000 annual revenue thanks to internationalisation

  • 72% monthly revenue increase
  • Diagnosing and resolving hreflang problems
  • Scaling organic traffic on three country domains

€600,000 in additional annual revenue due to internationalisation

After a system change, the client suffered from ranking losses. This happened on three country domains: Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

LEAP/ was able to fast identify the problem. Since it would take a lot of time and effort to fix it, we started with a quick fix.

Altogether, our measures helped the client achieve additional monthly revenue of more than €50,000 with SEO traffic. This equates to an increase of 72%. And all this at SEO costs of €22,100.

In addition, we were able to boost organic clicks on all three domains:

  • On the German website +72%
  • On the Austrian website +1.825%
  • On the Swiss website +2.247%

And we managed to:

  • tackle the consequences of the CMS changeover,
  • identify the cause of the problem: an incorrect hreflang implementation,
  • develop a solution independent of the client’s external IT agency, and
  • prevent high costs and a lengthy implementation period.

Information about our client

This client is an established online pioneer in the B2B sector and has years of experience in e-commerce.

Following a system change, the client suffered heavy ranking losses. However, they were unable to explain the reason for this.

Since it affected all three shops in the German-speaking countries, urgent action was required to avoid enormous loss of revenue.

Our services

These and similar measures enable us to support you and your company in the international business:

  • Domain analysis (DE/AT/CH) concerning the loss of visibility
  • Revealing the problem: a faulty hreflang implementation
  • A workshop with the client’s IT to evaluate how a “standard solution” applied to the problem
  • Testing and approving the implementation prior to the launch of the project
  • Monitoring the SEO visibility

In a nutshell: LEAP/ takes care of everything your project requires to be successful.

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A creative approach to solutions combined with data-driven, objective analytical work. This is how we got to know and appreciate LEAP/. Online marketing is designed with purpose: the combination of SEO and conversion optimisation is impressive.

Jan-Eike Andresen

LEAP/ has delivered excellent work so far. I have rarely seen an initial project carried out with such efficiency and understanding for both the business and the product.

Fabian De Salvo