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Additional €27+ million in revenue with psychological CRO

  • The company achieved growth worth several million euro in just one year
  • 2061+ A|B tests performed
  • Double-digit uplifts

€27+ million additional revenue for our clients in just one year


Any increase in conversion rate is reflected in client revenue. In order to achieve this

  • we use science-based methods,
  • we use psychological insights to improve the websites,
  • we optimise the most important transactional pages,
  • we carry out all tests based on the proven LEAP/ A|B testing framework, and
  • we implement the winning variations immediately, without having to involve the client’s IT

This way, our clients not only gain insights about their users, but also improve the profitability of their businesses. In the past 12 months, we have increased our clients’ revenues by €27,000,000!

Does this also apply to your business?

Most of our conversion clients are leading e-commerce companies or require large-scale lead generation. They have six-figure traffic on their website, thus enabling reliable A|B tests.

They know that conversion optimisation and A|B testing are the most powerful factors for growth. However, they can’t scale their testing or have not yet attempted tests themselves.

Now this is where we really shine! We use psychology and statistics to boost our clients’ growth.

Our services

We offer our clients an all-inclusive package for psychological conversion optimisation

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Prioritising the simple drivers for immediate growth
  • Elaboration of psychologically-based hypotheses for A|B tests
  • Technical implementation of the tests
  • Execution and observation of the tests
  • Analysing the results and recommending further action
  • Prompt implementation of winning variations without needing the client’s internal resources

This established process allows our customers to focus on their growth.

Would you like some examples?

Freedom of action

Result: 72.77% sales uplift | €10,000,000 additional revenue/year

Our assumption:

If a payment method is pre-selected in the checkout, users are often insecure and cancel their purchase. If, on the other hand, they can select a payment method themselves before the checkout, they gain additional freedom to make their own decisions.


IF users are offered the choice of payment methods,

THEN they will convert better,

BECAUSE they have more freedom of action.

Add-to-Cart feedback

Result: €12,092,750 additional revenue

Our assumption:

Affirmative statements such as “you have successfully added this item to your shopping cart” show users that they control their purchase, and at the same time give them positive reinforcement of their activities.


IF the user sees an overlay after the add-to-cart, in which the successful addition of the product to the shopping cart is communicated,

THEN there will be an increase in conversion in the next steps,

BECAUSE the success of this last action as well as the call for further action are placed into focus.

Minimising the effort

Result: uplift of 6.26%

Our assumption:

When it comes to operating navigation elements on websites, users are rather lazy. Minimal effort (“clicking”, “moving the mouse”, etc.) is a challenge for the user.


IF the additional CTA “TO CHECKOUT” is implemented in the shopping cart layer

THEN there will be more visits generated in the checkout process and the conversion rate will increase,

BECAUSE the option of directly reaching the checkout can minimise the effort.

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Here’s what our clients think about LEAP/

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A creative approach to solutions combined with data-driven, objective analytical work. This is how we got to know and appreciate LEAP/. Online marketing is designed with purpose: the combination of SEO and conversion optimisation is impressive.

Jan-Eike Andresen

LEAP/ has delivered excellent work so far. I have rarely seen an initial project carried out with such efficiency and understanding for both the business and the product.

Fabian De Salvo