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65+ experts working at our Berlin headquarters

  • Highly specialised: our experts in SEO & CRO
  • Experienced: a successful player on the market with more than ten years of experience
  • Agile: interdisciplinary solutions offering a wide range of perspectives

Our team

These specialists are passionate about your success

Thomas Gruhle

Founder & CEO

Gerhard Schmid

Chief Operating Officer

Sezer Yurdakul

Head of SEO (On-page/Off-page)

Justyna Wieczyński

Head of Conversion Optimization

Oliver Engelbrecht

Head of Marketing & Communications

Maurice Bork

Head of Business Development

Annett Melchior

Teamlead HR & Office Management

Jens Manicke

Head of IT

David Duness

Teamlead Finance & Controlling

Maik Schindler

Team Manager SEO

Jenny Yeboa-Kodie

Customer Success Manager & project lead SEO

Christin Kramer

Project Manager

Nils Eisenhauer-Fickler

Conversion Rate Analyst

Wiebke Unger

SEO Consultant

Christian Mergner

Expert Lead Development

Marco Westphal

Conversion designer

Britta Schönduwe

Office Manager & Assistant HR

Cathleen Grüner

SEO Consultant

Patrick Deinzer

SEO Consultant

Marc Zimmermann

Manager Operations

Nadine Schäfer

Analytics Manager

Hendrik Schlosser

Marketing Manager

Kristin Siebert

SEO Consultant

Ivan Gluschko

Conversion Consultant

Àgnes Szenkovszky


Hassan Chahin

Business Development Manager

Jill Gibson

SEO Assistant

Philipp Pomplun

Conversion & UX designer

Vanessa van Kann

Conversion Analyst

Jonas Maurer

SEO Consultant

Alina Marcus

SEO Consultant

Simon Papsdorf


Laura Renz

Assistant Marketing

Laura Renz

Assistant Conversion Optimierung

Tobias Delorme​

SEO Manager​

Aline Münch

Conversion Analyst

Peter Voß

SEO Consultant

Sophia Lenz

User Experience & Customer Journey​

Leonard Thiel

Assistant Conversion-Optimization

Michelle Scheewe

SEO Consultant

Dominik Jasiek

SEO Consultant

Sophie Schmidt

SEO Assistant OffPage

David Christian Dege​

Assistant User Experience & Customer Journey​

Lena Peteranderl

SEO Assistant

Gerrit Pohl

Conversion Designer

Juline Kleinert

Assistant Conversion-Optimization

Marek Lode

Frontend Developer

Marla Bachert

SEO Assistant Web-Editorial

Kevin Schondorf

SEO Assistant

Amanda Bengtsson

Team Manager

Andreas Trusev

Frontend Developer

Julia Osterland

Conversion Analyst

Elias Steileh

Conversion Analyst

Katja Kaiser

Conversion Analyst

Johanna Mayr

Conversion Analyst​

Markus Schmitt

Conversion Analyst

Anna Fedorova

Conversion Analyst

David Will

Assistant User Experience & Customer Journey

Carolyn Haitz Olaguivel

Frontend Developer

Oleg Frank

SEO Assistant

Yvonne Tran

Conversion Analyst​

Miriam-Vanessa Pretky

Conversion Analyst

Simon Dressler

SEO Assistant Web-Editorial

Selin Ataseven

Assistant HR

Marc Calvin Koener

Assistant Sales

Sozdar Bichou

Assistant Marketing

Peter Jennissen

SEO Assistant

Laia Sacristán García

SEO Assistant OffPage

Noah Kininger

SEO Assistant

Tamta Chkhartishvili

Assistant Finance

Dylan Grefte

SEO Assistant OffPage

Gwen Janssen

SEO Assistant OffPage

Emanuel Hellwich

Assistant HR

Elisabeth Wehr

SEO Assistant OffPage

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Here’s what our clients think about LEAP/

These are only two voices out of the 300+ clients we have worked with since 2009.

A creative approach to solutions combined with data-driven, objective analytical work. This is how we got to know and appreciate LEAP/. Online marketing is designed with purpose: the combination of SEO and conversion optimisation is impressive.

Jan-Eike Andresen

Our collaboration with several specialised teams allowed us to experience the LEAP/Effect at first hand. The experienced SEO consultants increase traffic and the solution-oriented conversion optimisers ensure that the newly acquired visitors convert into customers. We enjoy working with LEAP/ because all of the team members are absolute experts.

Carolin Elschner
Grand City Property