This is LEAP/ - Our Mission, Vision & Values

The mission, vision and values of LEAP/

Our mission and vision are the foundation of our actions. Our team has developed both in a collaborative process.

The same goes for our values. We always keep these guidelines in mind, whether we are deciding for ourselves, or on behalf of our clients.

Our vision

Every click – a sound decision.

Our mission

We optimize digital worlds in order to give people unrestricted freedom of action.


We don’t take things for granted but rather appreciate great performances and acknowledge them as a community.


Despite being very different people, we are always considerate and respect everyone’s dignity.


We are creative, act as pioneers in our field and don’t shy away from developing and realizing new ideas.


We love working together and stick together through all challenges.


We stand for justice on all levels and value honest, decent behavior towards all people.

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