Sara Russo

Account Manager OffPage

Describe your job at LEAP/ in one sentence

I make sure that our clients´ brands get all the visibility they deserve.

What part of your job do you like the most?

Getting in touch and be surrounded by creative people, discovering and learning something new everyday.

Which 3 blogs or people would you recommend to follow?

Besides the Backlinko SEO blog by Brian Dean, who explains a lot of tricks and tips for SEO in a very clear and funny way, I don´t follow any other specific blog. I just like to read different things from different sources, so I can get a wider perspective. I have a weakness for Tumblr though!

What is something that you’re always carrying with you?

My earphones! I listen to music almost anywhere, anytime! And please don´t judge me if I mouth the words to my favourite songs! 🙂

Party or dinner with your friends?

Why not both?

Which was your favorite subject at school?

Introduction to astronomy. The universe and everything it contains has always fascinated me. And I used to go stargazing a lot!