Lisa Scheller

SEO Assistant Offpage

Beschreibe in einem Satz, was deine Aufgabe bei LEAP/ ist.

Linkbuilding. This includes everything from the point of defining the client’s requirements up to setting up the internal reporting.

Was gefällt dir besonders an deinem Job?

The social aspect and that I have a lot of responsibility

Welchen 3 Blogs oder Personen sollte man unbedingt folgen?

TED talk
Misfits podcast

Was macht dich glücklich?

Being with my friends and family

Was sagen deine Eltern über dich?

Collegiate, social, creative, goal-oriented, initiator, takes the lead, calm, thoughtful, independent, entrepreneurial

Wenn du eine Superkraft aussuchen könntest, welche hättest du gerne?

Mind reading, this would be good to have at sales conversations.