Aylin Yentür

SEO Assistant

Describe your job at LEAP/ in one sentence.

Contacting the right blogs for them to place a link of our client, which increases the traffic on the website of our client.

What part of your job do you like the most?

Us interns have started only two weeks ago so our answers might change over time, but I think that the nicest part will be when we will have succesfull interaction with clients and thus improve their digital marketing status.

Which 3 blogs or people would you recommend to follow?

https://publicdomainreview.org/ I discovered this journal only recently, but i have already spent hours on it. It gives information about and access to works from the history of art, literature, and ideas. The topics give an idea about the perspective in that age and are often strange, alienating but beautiful.

https://mitvergnuegen.com/ – this German blog gives tips about what to do and where to go In Berlin. The recommendations are often underground and not touristic which I appreciate a lot, and it’s very useful for someone that has yet to discover the city. I’m not 100% fluent in German, but reading articles on this blog also improves my skills.

https://www.bustle.com/lifestyle this American blog (I prefer to only read the lifestyle section) has articles about literally anything, which is useful when you need some info or advice about a certain topic.

Which place on earth do you love most?

The sea, doesn’t matter which one!

Dog or cat?


Which CD was your first one?

Empire of the sun – Walking on a dream

What´s you favorite color?

All kinds of blue

City or countryside?

City, for sure

Backpack or baggage trolley?

Backpack, you`re way faster with it